Design Studio

Adorned in Grace Design Studio is an outreach to teenage girls for the purpose of building relationships through mentoring, workshops and life skills training.  Participants learn to re-purpose and redesign the silks, satin, lace and beading from donated gowns into fun fashions, accessories and gift items. Weekly after-school workshops are held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The Design Studio encourages teen advocacy in the fight against sex trafficking and provides tools so that they take a stand on behalf of their at-risk friends, family and classmates, rather than becoming victims.

The AIG Design Studio is located at 12135 SE Lincoln, Portland, OR 97216. We are honored to be able to speak beauty into the lives of these young girls and tell them that they are incredibly valuable and deeply loved.

Overseen by Abolition Now, Adorned in Grace is a ministry model of Compassion Connect, Inc., uniting and mobilizing churches, organizations and civic partners to share the love of Christ in their own communities.

Contact Information:  To find out more about the Design Studio or Dress for FREEdom prevention work, email

Dress for FREEdom

For every 10 underage girls trapped in the world of sex-trafficking, 8-9 have been in the foster care system.  The Dress for FREEdom event is an opportunity to reach out to girls ages 12-18 who are currently living in foster care, shelters, or working with a DHS caseworker. The goal of this event is to connect with young girls at perhaps the most vulnerable time of their lives to tell and show them that they are incredibly valuable, uniquely created and deeply loved. Caring volunteers encourage them to become advocates with us on behalf of their at-risk friends, family and classmates, rather than becoming victims.

During the event, our guests enjoy a catered buffet, receive a professional makeover and hair styling, pick out a semi-formal dress to take home and even have custom, on-site alterations as needed. They have fun with nail art, make their own accessories and as a special memento of their celebration, each girl receives a gift bag and her own professional photo package--all at no cost to her.

Each girl is also invited to "adopt-dress," choosing a gorgeous wedding or formal gown from another era that they will learn to re-design or re-purpose through the Adored in Grace Design Studio workshops.